Friday, April 24, 2009

Its a Shame!!!

Its a shame!!

"You want change and want improvement in GOVT activities, but you don't want to change yourself..Its not just a loss of your vote, its loss for my vote as well!! Bcoz you didn't vote, and those uneducated people voted for a candidate without thinking" Now spend 5 years to get your next chance to say.. "Govt does nothing"!! just 47 % voting in Bangalore... in spite declaring holiday, time off and once in 5 years opportunity. Am so sad :(

85 % of Bangalore is educated and no one feels responsible???

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birugaali - Review

the movie was just ok.. not great as it was seen in the promos or the songs! the songs only keep up the movie or else its a big let down.

the plot is not convincing enough. dont know what harsha was about to say and show but he has gone completely wrong in the storytelling. neither does the movie stands out to be a good action movie nor a sentimental one. unbaked sentimental scenes and weak screenplay spoil the day for harsha in birugaali

chetan scores in his portrayal of hachchi but he could have been better. while his friends have a somewhat authentic tanned look but he seems to be right out of a spa after all the facials and all quite contradictory for the role he portrays.. tara is good in her performance but that doesnt add to the movie's value. sitara vaidya is just ok but dubbing for has gone wrong. charishma has no karishma :P

forgot to tell about kishore... though his acting is good and a major highlight of the movie, the mannerisms really turned me off. sadashiv brahmavar is wasted in a bit role. greece looked really great in the movie.

unnecessary and silly graphics and poor photography at places made me a bit irritated.

the biggest let down was the climax - it is hardly convincing!!!

Junglee - Review

soap hakkollo tale baachkollo bardedrunu duet haadkollo .....

ticket takkollo film nodokollo sikkapatte tale haal madkollooo :P

this is what i felt about the movie!!

really i pity suri for his desparate attempt to give a hit after duniya and the debacle inti ninna preetiya...and here in junglee he crosses all the limits of sense and sensitivity towards the audience. the story (??) if there is one is hardly new to us and he tries to mix it up with non-stop nonsensical dialogues in the first half of the movie and loads and loads of bloodbath in the second half. Suri has tried hard to cover up the poor story with the intolerably vulgar dialogues, lots of blood and action in the movie.

we love watching vijay in action scenes he does that well no doubts about that but with rangayana raghu here in the first half, he does a mockery of himself trying to be better than rangayana raghu in overacting or over enthusiasm for dialogue delivery (whatever u call it). Though i enjoyed the dirty dialogues at that moment but i felt later that what the hell was it, why was it required etc.,

vijay is good in action and emotions.he imitates tiger prabhakar very well at places. aindrita looks cool n hot, rangayana raghu is as usual loud and irritating at times(but i really appreciate his acting and comedy timing prowess), the songs seem to be out of place in the movie but they are the ones which will give some relief from the so called comedy and the violence.

overall very average movie.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - my view

Here is what Arindam Choudhry writes about the so-called great masterpiece "Slumdog Millionaire"

and my comments about the same :

Hello Arindam,
I truly agree with your view on Slumdog Millionaire. It portrays India and Indians in a really bad manner. Except for the background score of the movie nothing is great about the movie. The story is a direct lift from some of the 1970s Hindi masala movies. Only thing is they have blended the old story with the craze of Who wants to be a millionaire and cashed in on it.

No doubt slums and slumdwellers are there here in India. Their life is theirs and we know what they go through. Glorifying it in this manner and projecting that slum"dogs" (as they call them in the movie) can be millionaires in this fashion is a cheap act on their part. Some scenes in the movie are too disturbing and they project India and Indians in a really bad way. Espicially the instance wherein a US tourist couple's car is looted and the driver hits Jamaal. The US lady offering some XYZ dollars to Jamaal saying this is what US is! This was utter crappy projection of what outsiders think of us. Also one more instance is the scene wherein the people watch Jamaal answering the questions on TV. They sit on pavements outside the TV shops and watch and cheer. Strange that Mr Director doesnt know the penetration of TV in India.

Totally its a crappy movie and every Indian who feels for his country should oppose it for the way we and our people are projected in it.

I pity Anil Kapoor and Irfan Khan who have been projecting and promoting this movie to be a classic movie despite knowing what they are here.


These are only some instances which came to my mind while commenting on his blog. But there are many more points which came to my mind when I saw the movie which I will share soon.

More on this :

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nanda - Audio

Nanda - Audio

Don’t know what V Manohar is upto. I feel this audio of Shivarjkumar’s Nanda is weak(one more instance was in Gandugali Kumararama) and too outdated. The music is not at all impressive. At times Manohar sounds like he is trying to ape Manomurthy in using tunes of hindi movies of 1960s and 70s.

Chingari chingari in the voice of Vijay Prakash fails to build up the tempo in the beginning itself. Wonder if this song would be picturized on Shivanna. This truly doesn’t suit his image.

Akasha Aagale rendered by Rajesh Krishnan and Nandita is a passable duet with lyrics by Jayant Kaikini. As told already, the music sounds too outdated. Nothing great about the lyrics.

Oh Idenaytu is a patho sung by Keshav Krishna and lyrics by Maheen kicks off well but fails to keep up the momentum later.

Yaava Kadegu is a good duet in the voice of Chinmayee and Akaanksha Baadami with lyrics by V Manohar. Akaanksha is good to hear but Chinmayee croons badly. He truly needs some improvement.

Ninna Kangalalli is one more duet in the voice of Udit Narayan and Akaanksha Baadami and has lyrics by Shivananjegowda. The music again resembles the music from the 70s hindi movies.

Pretty average album as a whole!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birugaali - Audio

Birugaali Audio

Kannada music is surely coming off age!! New breed of music directors are really promising and giving a refreshing feel to Kannada film music. Music director Arjun is back after Nam Areal Ond Dina in Birugaali, choreographer turned director Harsha's next venture with Chetan, Sitara Vaidya and Karishma in the lead.

7 foot tapping numbers with some great lyrics make this album a worth hearing one!!

The album kicks off with an out and out mass number "Machchi Sachchi" with lyrics by Shivnanjegowda is rendered beautifully by Shankar Mahadevan.

Shreya Ghoshal next builds up the tempo with her superb vocals in the truly poetic "Hoovina Baanadante". Lyrics by Jayant Kaikini are very impressive!

The next song "Helbid Helbide" sung by Arjun and lyrics by Kaviraj and Mahesh Kumar is an ultimate dance number which will surely hit the top of the charts! Arjun's accented Kannada and th e rock touch given makes this an enjoyable number.

"Amma Amma" is a soothing number sung by Arjun with lyrics by Ranganath.

Beware!! Mohit Chauhan joins in here to compete with other non-kannada singers and he rocks with Shamita Malnad in the romantic "Madhura Pisumaatige" written by the lover poet Jayant Kaikini. The lyrics, the music and rendition of the song by the singers make this a hummable song.

"Jojo Laali" in the voice of Chitra and lyrics by Ranganath is a good slow song.

Arjun gives a different touch to even the patho song "Idu Nanna Kathe" by using two voices - Vijay Prakash and Hamsapriya. The lyrics by Harshapriya are just ok!

The title bit "Birugaali" is ok to hear!

There are versions of "Amma Amma" by Srinivas and "Helbide Helbide" by Jassie Gift to add to the album's completeness.

The picturization of the songs in Greece and the storyline of the movie has surely invoked more interest in the movie in the people's mind and hope it will live up to the expectations.

All the best to Harsha!!