Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jab We Met – Truly Entertaining

Jab We Met – Truly Entertaining

One more instance wherein a old story has been given a good treatment and presented in a wonderful way. Truly, the story of Jab We Met isn’t anything new!! Dhai Akshar Prem Ke (or Walk in The Clouds) and some more movies you can surely remember after watching this entertainer. What captures us is the execution of the simple and old plot and the truly electrifying performances by Kareena and Shahid.

The story starts with Aditya (Shahid), an influential businessman who is in a bad mood after he has lost his father and also his girl! Unable to bear that his girl is getting married, he leaves home and almost like a zombie roams around and gets into the train which goes to Delhi without even a ticket. Just then destiny strikes and Geet (Kareena) who is on her way to Bhatinda after finishing her studies gets on the same train. Geet is extremely talkative and at times annoyingly loud but yet simple that’s what we could get from her introduction scene. These two souls (as they call them in the trailors) have to be together for the journey. Rest of the first half is about how Aditya tries to avoid her and how she clings on to him after she misses the train due to him and challenges him that it would be he who would take her to her home in Bhatinda. During the course she even tells him about her plans of eloping with her boyfriend after she reaches Bhatinda. The next part of the movie is truly entertaining wherein they both reach Bhatinda after traveling through the whole of north India and getting to know each other. She even comes to know that Aditya is the son of a rich businessman whose mother had left her husband for her lover.

Once they reach her home in Bhatinda, her family suspects them of being lovers which they believe firmly after Geet escapes to Manali to join her boyfriend with Aditya who helps her do so. Once Aditya leaves Geet at Manali, he feels he loves her but cannot express it but he feels her mannerisms have filled him with freshness and enthusiasm to return to Mumbai and improve his business. Thus he returns leaving Geet and succeeds in resurrecting his business. Geet’s parents come to Mumbai after they see Aditya on TV and ask him about Geet. Aditya promises them that he would get Geet back to them and sets off to Manali in search of her. He has to face some surprises there as her boyfriend denies of having married Geet and frantically searches for Geet there. When he finally traces her down, he is surprised to see a different Geet who is broken, sober and sad unlike the one whom he had left.

As promised to her parents, Aditya convinces Geet to return home with her boyfriend who agrees to marry her. But when all the three reach home, they are surprised to see that Aditya and Geet are treated as husband and wife and the family is preparing for their traditional marriage. Whats in store next is simple. Aditya and Geet who have been friends till now and realize that their friendship has got a new meaning now.

Shahid has given a wonderful performance. He has emoted well in the sentimental sequences and has given the right touch to the comic ones. Kareena has given her best performance till date as the bubbly girl. Her confidence and charm is evident in her apt portrayal of Geet. Other performances like that of Pawan Malhotra as Geet’s uncle and Dara Singh are just ok.

Music is the other highlight of the movie. We are taken to the sentimental world with “Tum Se Hi”, to a mystic Manali world with “Yeh Ishq Hai”, a truly Punjabi world with “Nagaada” and finally to the josh number “Mauja Hi Mauja”. Good work by Pritam. Good cinematography adds to the presentation of these songs on-screen.

Hats off to Imtiaz Ali for balancing comedy and emotions. Also his presentation of the characters and execution of the plot are commendable. Though the screenplay takes a beating in the second half, its truly a great and applaudable effort. He strikes well in the comedy part!!

A nice family entertainer!!