Monday, May 31, 2010

End of six year ambivalence

After 6 years of ambivalence, have manged to join a different organization. It was one hell of a experience in all the previous 6 years - nothing can match that I believe. Different kinds of people, different mindsets of working, different ethnicity, different language, different opinions and what not different :D But, they surely have come in very handy in shaping up what I am and what I should be doing in the present organization. So, cant really say what I am feeling as of now, but whats in store for me in the coming days is something which I have looked forward to in my past. Being in a big organization and being amongst the processes and the "process oriented people". Though there are lots of differences between being in a product company and a services company, but each in a way can give a huge learning experience.

So, my journey has started... Will keep you updated!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Am Back!!

After a hiatus from blogging for almost an year (last one was on the poor voter turnout during elections :( last year), I am back!! Though there were many things (and ofcourse movies!! :P ) about which I could have blogged, I didnt ... blame my laziness for that :)

Am back now and will surely promise to be regular (hopefully ;-) )

Thanks to Ajay who provoked me or rather confronted and later persuaded me to write something. Also thanks to all the near and dear ones who would be reading this!!