Thursday, October 6, 2011


The movie was ok ok according to me. Appu was simply superb. Yograj bhat not up to the mark in keeping up the pace of the story. (There's hardly anything happening in the first half... In second half the story moves on with a slow pace).... The climax was exactly what I had anticipated. Cant say it is very emotional but good one. Rangayana Raghu tries hard to pull up mangalore style dialogues but fails at places. Dattanna is wasted in a rather insipid role. Anantnag is good but not very convincing. Avinash is totally mis-cast. Aindrita and Deepa have done a good job.

Yogi sir.... You could have done it better according to me!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lifeuu Ishtene.....

Watched this movie "Lifeu Ishtene" today....

Movie was entertaining... but does not create any impact. Could have been better. Wondering how long the same formula of blaming life people and others will continue to be used....Direction wise it was good. But I felt the film lacked conviction! Also wondering if life is only about falling in love, getting ditched, finding another girl, being lazy, bunking classes, blaming parents.. and even calling them "poli" ..... lotsa such things.... these might sound entertaining at that point of time but what the director wants to say does not linger in the minds of viewer after coming out of the theatre....Wondering how many movies will be made on the same lines and with same kinds of monologues. All these movies sound very similar and finally fail to provide any solid impact. Again its my view only :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year ... New Hopes...

A new year has ushered in with new hopes. Even I have stepped into a different organization now after "literally" burning my hands and what not(!!) at my previous organization. Hope this journey with my new job would be a smooth one unlike all the previous years!!