Saturday, May 12, 2007

#73 Shantinivasa - Kichcha's Next movie Audio

The songs from #73 Shantinivasa are good to hear espicially for their classical content. Lyrics for all the songs is by K Kalyan. Music by Bharadwaj is different and pleasant.

Geeya Geeya Tirugu Bhoomi sung by SPB is a good one for its lyrics and the geeya geeya gaageeya geeya interludes in between.

Preetiyendare Heegeene sung by Rajesh is a slow song with a lot of classical touch expressing the effects of love.

Thayatta Thayatta sung by Rajesh and Kalyani again with classical tune and modern instruments is a nice one to hear. Its a song about love and various feelings goin on in mind when one is in love.

Aadaddella Olledaytu sung by Rajesh, L N Shastri, Master Hirannayya, Nandita, Archana Udupa and Arun Sagar. The tune is a lift from the hindi version 'Bhor Aayi Gaya Andhiyaara'.

Hrudaya Hrudaya sung by Srinivas is a pacy number. A bit boring number compared to others.

Preetiyendare Heegene sung by Bharadwaj is different to hear in this version sung by the music director himself.

Tirugu Bhoomi (remix) is a nice number to hear with the beats and extra effects.

Ondu Olle Katheya Heluve sung by Shivrajkumar and Sudeep himself is the introduction song of the movie which probably is played with the titles in the movie where the house and its occupants are introduced. Sudeep's dialogues and Shivrajkumar's voice are nice to hear.

Banda Nodu sung by Bharadwaj is a jingle telling about the works done by the servant (Sudeep).
Good album to listen!