Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mussanje Maatu - Audio

Mussanje Maatu - Audio

Starring: Sudeep, Ramya, Anu Prabhakar

Music: V. Sridhar

Director: Mahesh

Producer: Suresh Jain

Ninna Nodalendo is a melodious duet sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with lyrics by Ram Narayan.

Kaddalu Manasanna is a pacy dance number sung beautifully by Kunal Ganjawala and lyrics is by V Manohar.

Akasha Bhoomi with lyrics by V Sridhar and sung beautifully by Shreya Ghoshal. No doubt shes the best!! This slightly reminded of Barso Re Barso Megha from Guru - the feel of the song.

Enagali Munde Saagu Nee sung by Sonu Nigam and lyrics by V Sridhar is an inspirational number to go ahead in life. Start of the song is "inspired" by song of movie Tum Bin.

Mussanje Maatali, the title song is an awesome song sung by Hemant and has lyrics by Bhaskar Gubbi. Great music and we can get to hear Hemant at his best!!

Anuraga Aralo Samaya sung by Karthik and lyrics by Kaviraj has great music and Karthik sounds fresh. The orchestration is awesome in this song! Great lyrics!!!

O Hrudaya is a patho song penned by V Sridhar and sung well by Udit Narayan. But patho songs dont sound good in the voice of Udit.

Hettavala Muddu Maatu sung by Nandita and lyrics by Revanna is a cool lullaby song.

Best Buy!!! I just enjoyed listening to music of Mussanje Maatu. The music has made me wait anxiously for the movie!!

Minchina Ota - Audio

Minchina Ota - Audio

Starring : Vijaya Raghavendra, Sri Murrali, Lakshmi Rai
Music : V Manohar
Producer: Sa Ra Govindu
Direction: A M R Ramesh

We Love You Love Ganesha sung by Leelvati Baipaaditya and lyrics by V Manohar. A good number with a touch of Yakshagaana. V Manohar has mixed traditional Yakshagaana music and modern instruments well. Intersting one to listen. The changeover from Yakshagaana to rap style is interesting.

O Geleya rendred by Raghu Dixit is a pacy number with lyrics by Dharani. Different voice of Raghu Dixit makes it a bit unpleasant to hear this song about fighting for love.

Aa Moda Hani Aytu sung by Vijay Yesudas is a pleasant song written by Chandru S L. The music though reminds of Ello Adu Ello song from Kanasugara.

Hey Huduga sung by M D Pallavi with lyrics by Chandru S L is a superb song sung very well by Pallavi. The raunchy voice gives a different feel to the song.

Minchante Bandu Mareyaade is a melodious song sung by Vijay Yesudas and Bhavatarani Ilayaraja and lyrics by Pradeepkumar.Vijay's voice surely will remind voice of Yesudas. Bhavitarani sounds promising but can improve.

Hey Premi has lyrics by Chandru S L is rendered by Raghu Dixit is an extended version of O Geleya.

O Megha Hogi Baa sung by Vijay Yesudas and lyrics by Chandru S L is a song about sending love message to his beloved.

Allondu Sanna Aase sung by Mangala Ravi with lyrics by V Manohar preaches about whats important for life.

Jwale Jwale sung by Vijay Prakash and lyrics by Girish Mavalli is an interesting song with pacy music and hard hitting lyrics explaining heroics. Vijay Prakash is good in this.

Tangaali Illi Baa sung by Lakshmi Manamohan and lyrics by Chandru S L and Madhugiri where a girl describes her lover. Lakshmi sounds a bit strange and hence needs improvement.

Good effort by V Manohar. A bit unconventional music overall. The newcomers need improvement. It would be interesting to watch how these songs would be adapted in the movie.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Accident - Audio

Accident - Audio

Starring Ramesh Arvind, Rekha, Pooja Gandhi, Mohan, Pathi Iyer, Tilak, Dinesh Babu
Music Ricky Kej
Director Ramesh Aravind
Producer Raghunath G

Baa Maleye Baa
Sonu Nigam
Lyrics : BR Lakshman Rao

- Great to hear a old poem written by BR Lakshman Rao being adapted for a movie. Nothing can be said about the lyrics. Sonu is just awesome

Ninade Ninade Nenapu
S P Balasubramanyam
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

- A nice melodious number with good lyrics. SPB is the apt choice.

Jigidu Banthu
Kunal Ganjawala
Lyrics : Kannadiga Shivu

- One more of the fast Kunal Ganjawala fast tracks. Not much to say about this.

Friendship Andre
Avinash Chebbi, Devan Ekambaram, Ben Jhonson
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

- Rap mixed song telling abt friendship. Good rendition and good music.

Dheem Dheem
Sonu Nigam, Mahalakshmi Iyer
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

- Good duet. Good music arrangement make it a good one to listen to. Both the singers have given a nice classical touch to the song.

Preethi Moodo Vele
Chaitra HG
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

-Nice song! Good Lyrics and great to hear Chaitra. The music is a bit too loud for the mood of the song.

Jigidu Banthu
Kunal Ganjawala, Chaitra HG
Lyrics : Kannadiga Shivu

- Party and dance number. Chaitra as usual puts life to the song.

Baa Maleye Baa (Club Mix)
Sonu Nigam

Lyrics : BR Lakshman Rao

The Spirit of Accident
Ramesh Aravind

- Dialouge bits

Worth listening album!! Go for it!! Ricky Kej who has done his debut in Kannada proves his talent as a music director also besides being a dentist and having a succesful fusion music career behind him.