Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haage Summane - Audio

Haage Summane ... Pyaar Hogaya

Zee Motion Pictures | Dharma Pictures Productions
Producers : T C Murali Mohan, Pramod N, Santosh
Direction : Preetam Gubbi
Music : Mano Murthy
Lyrics : Jayant Kaikini

Dont be surprised if you feel you are listening to some 1970s OP Nayyar songs! [Trademark of Mano Murthy??]

Sonu as usual renders the songs well. He impresses in the title track Haage Summane and Odi Bandenu. In Odi Bandenu his singing surely will remind you of Rafi!!!

Shreya is used in two numbers - a simple duet with Udit Narayan which is Naanenu Nambodilla and in female version of Odi Bandenu and she rocks in the second one.

Haadonave is a passable number. Nothing much to say about Kunal and Sunidhi's crooning.

Oorella Koogi rendered by Keshav Prasad and Supriya Ramakrishnayya is a nice song with soothing music. The usage of musical instruments reminds of old hindi songs.

Title song and Odi Bandenu will mostly stand out as popular numbers. Or else its a bit disappointing fare!