Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaaranjji | Audio

Took this up to write after long time!! No other audio in the recent days had pushed me so much to write about.

If we have to go by the music of this album, it surely has a great impact which is quite enough to make the movie rock!!

Kumbaaraki is the song which steals the show. With the unique touch of rock given to the Santa Shishunaala Sharif's composition, this surely will captivate the listeners. The music is truly engrossing but Sukhwinder's pronounciation could have been better when rendering this highlight number of the album. Despite this, the song just rocks in both its versions.

Ninna Hallige in Raghu Dixit's voice is a great number with nice folk touch. Raghavendra Kamath descirbes the village environment and a village girl's simplicity and beauty very well.

Ee Dina Hosadaagide in the voice of Karthik is very soothing with the lyrics by Sateesh Tiptur and the peppy music complementing the romantic morning mood.

T P Kailasam's Kolike Ranga in the voice of Veer Samarth is a treat to listen. Reminds us that TPK's wordings are not forgotten yet in the music world.

Yaaru Haadada in the voice of Hariharan is a slow song with nice guitar usage. The lyrics by Sridhar are very meaningful. I feel this might come out as a background song during some scenes. The only slow song in this album but the guitars and Hariharan fill life into the song.

H S Venkateshmurthy's composition Murida Manada which we had heard only as Bhaavageete is given a rock touch here. And believe me. It Rocks!!!! Vijay Prakash and Apoorva Sridhar render this song beautifully. Hats off to Veer Samarth for this different effort!!

Ee Tampu Gaali sung by Hariharan, Fayaz Khan, Bombay Jayashree and Kushala and lyrics by Raghavendra Kamath is a slow love song. The mix of slow music and Qawwali style of music is quite new to listen here in Kannada and again Veer Samarth carries this on very well.

Nammora Santheli is a nice parody number. Well sung buy Veer Samarth and Sridevi Malegatti.

Sutta Muttalu in the voice of Gurukiran is also good to hear. Rajan Nagendra's music is lively even today and its proven in this song.

Even the miniscule Alaapa, Naadadimpu and Themes leave a big impression about the music filled in the movie.

Totally, its really a treat to listen to this great album!! Grab it... Dont miss it!!

Waiting for the movie now after the audio......

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sadarame@Rangashankara Nov 9th, 2008


Sadarame is one of the most successful productions of Gubbi Veeranna. The story revolves around an innocent middle-class girl, Sadarame who marries Prince Jayaveera. And that’s when all the troubles began for Sadarame. Even as hardships challenge young Sadarame, she overcomes every hurdle with her characteristic intelligence and the play ends on a happy note. The highlight of this Gubbi Company play is actor director B. Jayashree playing the role of Kalla, the thief immortalized by her grandfather, the legendary Gubbi Veeranna.

Written by Bellave Narahari Shastry, the play Sadarame stands out as a window to the world for the problems a woman has to face in present day society. Topical during the days of Gubbi Veeranna, the story fits to even today’s world. Keeping the original act intact, many references to present day happenings and witty comparisions make this a treat to watch. The play and presentation enlightens everyone who has known the world of theatre and also the people who are new the world of theatre and who have seen only modern plays. It portrays the usage of Ranga Geetegalu and the soliloquy situations to a large extent bringing in front of us the mesmerizing world of the theatre of the old days and the techniques they used.

The major highlight of the play was Jayashree enacting the role of the thief. The character’s entry, the act, the song and the witty dialogues were hugely applauded by the packed audience with cries of once more. Next to impress was Dingri Nagaraj as Sadarame’s brother. Many other veterans in the play also performed well. But the youngsters really seemed to ponder a bit about combining the singing and acting portions. The music and the songs used lifted the mood of the play to the real heights.

For many who witnessed the play, it was like remembering and paying tribute the great playwright and the Nataka Company. Also the act coincided with the last day of the Rangashankara Theatre Fest for 2008 (November 9th 2008) which also happens to be Late Shankar Nag’s birthday. B Jayashree dedicated her revival of Sadarame to the great actor Shankarnag, her grandfather Gubbi Veeranna and the maestro Master Hirannaiyah who also has been performing his version of the same play.

Next time you hear about this play being staged somewhere, don’t miss it!! It’s a must watch for all the theatre enthusiasts and also for the people who want to know about the Nataka companies and their act.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haage Summane - Audio

Haage Summane ... Pyaar Hogaya

Zee Motion Pictures | Dharma Pictures Productions
Producers : T C Murali Mohan, Pramod N, Santosh
Direction : Preetam Gubbi
Music : Mano Murthy
Lyrics : Jayant Kaikini

Dont be surprised if you feel you are listening to some 1970s OP Nayyar songs! [Trademark of Mano Murthy??]

Sonu as usual renders the songs well. He impresses in the title track Haage Summane and Odi Bandenu. In Odi Bandenu his singing surely will remind you of Rafi!!!

Shreya is used in two numbers - a simple duet with Udit Narayan which is Naanenu Nambodilla and in female version of Odi Bandenu and she rocks in the second one.

Haadonave is a passable number. Nothing much to say about Kunal and Sunidhi's crooning.

Oorella Koogi rendered by Keshav Prasad and Supriya Ramakrishnayya is a nice song with soothing music. The usage of musical instruments reminds of old hindi songs.

Title song and Odi Bandenu will mostly stand out as popular numbers. Or else its a bit disappointing fare!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maadesha - Shivanna's next!! - Audio

Cast : Shivraj Kumar, Sonu Bhatia, Ravi Kaale, Ravi Belegere
Producer : B M Govinda Murthy
Director : Ravi Srivatsa
Music : Mano Murthy

Ravi Srivatsa is back after the debacle of 'Ee Rajeev Gandhi Alla" .... Maadesha and this time he his back with the best he can get - Shivraj Kumar and Mano Murthy.

"Tirugo Ee Bhoomige" sung by Vijay Prakash with lyrics by V Nagendra Prasad and Kaviraj starts off with tune of James Bond theme. The song expresses the heroic acts of the prime character in the movie. Not much in lyrics and very average music.

"Taarammayya" sung by Hemanth and Sunidhi Chauhan and lyrics by V Manohar sounds like an item number with some naughty singing by Sunidhi. Hemanth supports well.

"Munjaane Manjaagu" sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan with lyrics by Kaviraj is a nice peppy duet beautified very well with the guitar music. The lyrics are also very good.

"Maadesha" sung by Gurukiran(???) and lyrics by V Nagendra Prasad. Fast beats, music and different voice of Gurukiran with an underground and mafia world touch make this an interesting song.

"Lahari" sung by Sonu Nigam and lyrics by Jayant Kaikini is a nice song with lyrics telling about the feel of love. Sonu surely needs pronounciation classes if he has to come up clean in his future
Kannada Album.

"Gantu Gantu" sung by Hemanth, Keshav and Srividya and lyrics by Hrudayashiva is a song with folk touch.

"Lahari" again in its female version and who else other than Shreya Ghoshal can take it to the musically best heights. She sounds much much better than Sonu in this version. She gives a neat rendition of this beautifully written number.

A good album overall with the great "Lahari" and "Munjaane Manjaagu"! Quite different from the usual Mano Murthy. Got to see wait and see how the songs would be brought on screen.

Taj Mahal - Audio

Taj Mahal
Starring : Ajay, Pooja Gandhi
Music : Abhimann
Director : R. Chandru
Producer : T Shivashankar Reddy

"Khushiyaagide Yeko Ninnindale" sung by Kunal Ganjawala is a melodious number expressing a guy's love for his girl. The lyrics by R Chandru are simple and music suits the mood of the song very well.

"Neenendu Nannavanu" sung by Shreya Ghoshal and lyrics by R Chandru is the best song of the album expressing the girl's longing for her guy. Shreya's beautiful rendition of the song adds a great to its simple yet soothing music.

"Hoovantha Preeti Mullada Mele" sung by Hariharan and Supriya with lyrics by K Kalyan is a song about parted lovers and their longing for being together. Music is good with different flavors probably suiting the visuals.
"Nee Nanna Hrudaya" sung by Rajesh Krishnan and lyrics by Abhimaan is the male version of Neenendu Nannavanu aptly sung by Rajesh. The lyrics are very touching.

"Kolluvudaadare Kondubidu" sung by Badri Prasad and lyrics by Manju Honnavar is a patho song wherein a guy is repenting for his mistake in love. Badri Prasad impresses with his singing.

"Ibbaru Preetina" sung by Abhiman and lyrics by Manjunanth Lava wherein a guy is reminding his girl about the love they had shared. Abhiman's voice is good and he surely has potential to become a good singer cum composer.

"Preeti Annodu" sung by Chetan with lyrics by Lokesh Krishna is a tiny bit about love.

Good album!! The songs and music are soothing and fresh. Good one from Abhimann!!

Khushiyagide video has come out well though it reminds us of the sets of some previous super hit songs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Golden Star's Bombaat


Producer : Rockline Venkatesh
Director : D Rajendrababu
Music : Mano Murthy

The much hyped audio of Bombaat - Idu Ganeshana Aata was released on Golden Star's birthday today (2nd July 2008). Here Golden Star teams up with Ramya with for the first time.

The combination of Mano Murthy -Jayant Kaikini - Sonu Nigam once again is interesting here.

The album kicks off with the solo "Maatinalli Helalaarenu" sung by Sonu Nigam with lyrics by Jayant Kaikini. The song is a slow melodious number praising the beauty of an unknown girl/lover. Sonu delivers the song well. The lyrics are innovative and interesting.

"Strawberry Kenne" sung by Rajesh Krishnan and Supriya Ramakrishnaiah and lyrics by Kaviraj is a melodious and cute duet with simple lyrics. Rendered very well by Rajesh and Supriya. Rajesh's voice shows lots of variations in this song through which he proves he is no less than other "imported" singers.

"I Am So Bombaat" sung by Gurukiran(???) and lyrics by Kaviraj. Sounds like intro song of the hero. Not much content in lyrics and also Gurukiran's singing.

"Maatinalli Helaballenu" sung by the enchanting Shreya Ghoshal is the female version of "Maatinalli Helalaarenu" is a superb extension with good lyrics and soothing music. As usual, Shreya steals the show with her singing.

"Chinna Hele Hegiruve" is a duet sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with lyrics by Jayant Kaikini. Kaikini's words bring some freshness to the duet and are aptly rendered.

The music though not that great is pleasant to hear. Worth listening. Music will pick up slowly for sure!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mussanje Maatu - Audio

Mussanje Maatu - Audio

Starring: Sudeep, Ramya, Anu Prabhakar

Music: V. Sridhar

Director: Mahesh

Producer: Suresh Jain

Ninna Nodalendo is a melodious duet sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with lyrics by Ram Narayan.

Kaddalu Manasanna is a pacy dance number sung beautifully by Kunal Ganjawala and lyrics is by V Manohar.

Akasha Bhoomi with lyrics by V Sridhar and sung beautifully by Shreya Ghoshal. No doubt shes the best!! This slightly reminded of Barso Re Barso Megha from Guru - the feel of the song.

Enagali Munde Saagu Nee sung by Sonu Nigam and lyrics by V Sridhar is an inspirational number to go ahead in life. Start of the song is "inspired" by song of movie Tum Bin.

Mussanje Maatali, the title song is an awesome song sung by Hemant and has lyrics by Bhaskar Gubbi. Great music and we can get to hear Hemant at his best!!

Anuraga Aralo Samaya sung by Karthik and lyrics by Kaviraj has great music and Karthik sounds fresh. The orchestration is awesome in this song! Great lyrics!!!

O Hrudaya is a patho song penned by V Sridhar and sung well by Udit Narayan. But patho songs dont sound good in the voice of Udit.

Hettavala Muddu Maatu sung by Nandita and lyrics by Revanna is a cool lullaby song.

Best Buy!!! I just enjoyed listening to music of Mussanje Maatu. The music has made me wait anxiously for the movie!!

Minchina Ota - Audio

Minchina Ota - Audio

Starring : Vijaya Raghavendra, Sri Murrali, Lakshmi Rai
Music : V Manohar
Producer: Sa Ra Govindu
Direction: A M R Ramesh

We Love You Love Ganesha sung by Leelvati Baipaaditya and lyrics by V Manohar. A good number with a touch of Yakshagaana. V Manohar has mixed traditional Yakshagaana music and modern instruments well. Intersting one to listen. The changeover from Yakshagaana to rap style is interesting.

O Geleya rendred by Raghu Dixit is a pacy number with lyrics by Dharani. Different voice of Raghu Dixit makes it a bit unpleasant to hear this song about fighting for love.

Aa Moda Hani Aytu sung by Vijay Yesudas is a pleasant song written by Chandru S L. The music though reminds of Ello Adu Ello song from Kanasugara.

Hey Huduga sung by M D Pallavi with lyrics by Chandru S L is a superb song sung very well by Pallavi. The raunchy voice gives a different feel to the song.

Minchante Bandu Mareyaade is a melodious song sung by Vijay Yesudas and Bhavatarani Ilayaraja and lyrics by Pradeepkumar.Vijay's voice surely will remind voice of Yesudas. Bhavitarani sounds promising but can improve.

Hey Premi has lyrics by Chandru S L is rendered by Raghu Dixit is an extended version of O Geleya.

O Megha Hogi Baa sung by Vijay Yesudas and lyrics by Chandru S L is a song about sending love message to his beloved.

Allondu Sanna Aase sung by Mangala Ravi with lyrics by V Manohar preaches about whats important for life.

Jwale Jwale sung by Vijay Prakash and lyrics by Girish Mavalli is an interesting song with pacy music and hard hitting lyrics explaining heroics. Vijay Prakash is good in this.

Tangaali Illi Baa sung by Lakshmi Manamohan and lyrics by Chandru S L and Madhugiri where a girl describes her lover. Lakshmi sounds a bit strange and hence needs improvement.

Good effort by V Manohar. A bit unconventional music overall. The newcomers need improvement. It would be interesting to watch how these songs would be adapted in the movie.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Accident - Audio

Accident - Audio

Starring Ramesh Arvind, Rekha, Pooja Gandhi, Mohan, Pathi Iyer, Tilak, Dinesh Babu
Music Ricky Kej
Director Ramesh Aravind
Producer Raghunath G

Baa Maleye Baa
Sonu Nigam
Lyrics : BR Lakshman Rao

- Great to hear a old poem written by BR Lakshman Rao being adapted for a movie. Nothing can be said about the lyrics. Sonu is just awesome

Ninade Ninade Nenapu
S P Balasubramanyam
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

- A nice melodious number with good lyrics. SPB is the apt choice.

Jigidu Banthu
Kunal Ganjawala
Lyrics : Kannadiga Shivu

- One more of the fast Kunal Ganjawala fast tracks. Not much to say about this.

Friendship Andre
Avinash Chebbi, Devan Ekambaram, Ben Jhonson
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

- Rap mixed song telling abt friendship. Good rendition and good music.

Dheem Dheem
Sonu Nigam, Mahalakshmi Iyer
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

- Good duet. Good music arrangement make it a good one to listen to. Both the singers have given a nice classical touch to the song.

Preethi Moodo Vele
Chaitra HG
Lyrics : Rajendra Karanth

-Nice song! Good Lyrics and great to hear Chaitra. The music is a bit too loud for the mood of the song.

Jigidu Banthu
Kunal Ganjawala, Chaitra HG
Lyrics : Kannadiga Shivu

- Party and dance number. Chaitra as usual puts life to the song.

Baa Maleye Baa (Club Mix)
Sonu Nigam

Lyrics : BR Lakshman Rao

The Spirit of Accident
Ramesh Aravind

- Dialouge bits

Worth listening album!! Go for it!! Ricky Kej who has done his debut in Kannada proves his talent as a music director also besides being a dentist and having a succesful fusion music career behind him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu @ Rangashankara

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu @ Rangashankara
Mookajjiya Kanasugalu is a 120 mins Kannada play staged by Kalagangotri at Rangashankara on 13th, 14th and 15th March 2008 as a part of 38th year completion of Kalagangotri. The successful staging of Shivaram Karanth’s novel Mookajjiya Kanasugalu is a tribute to the great writer who had won the Jnanapeeth award for this novel.

The play revolves around Mookajji, an old woman staying in a tiny village in Dakshina Kannada and her visions on wide ranging issues like religion, bachelorhood, history, sex, evolution, faith and human behaviour. All these she shares with her grandson Subbanna. Though known as a person who talks too much, Mookajji is a lovable character with her sceptical and genuinely compassionate nature, humane acts (her advice to Nagi and when she unites Ramanna and Nagi , both low caste workers and old lovers) and frankness (in a scene with her friend Thippajji whom she calls Thippi).

References to various religions and beliefs, the innumerable gods in Hindu mythology, their relevance, the questioning of their existence and their powers, their relativity with human nature surely will bring some thoughts about our personal beliefs.

The abstract thoughts, uncommon characterisation and above all, the distinct style of narration in the novel has always posed a challenge to theatre persons. S Ramamurthy, senior theatre person, has adapted this unique literary work to stage and director B V Rajaram brings this spectacular novel on stage with his narrative skills and unique sets. The dialect used in the play is very much close to the actual one spoken in Dakshina Kannada. The two minute yakshagana performance adds more color to the play.

All performances are worth mentioning here. Shailaja Dharmendra as Mookajji has given a wonderful performance with all her emotions. Rajendra Karanth as Subbanna is good as usual. It’s a great teamwork which has succeeded in giving out the best. Congrats to Kalagangotri for adapting to stage a novel which otherwise is said to be hard to adapt.

Mukhyamantri @ Rangashankara

Mukhyamantri @ Rangashankara

Mukhyamantri – the play which catapulted Chandru into stardom and because of which he even got his name Mukhyamantri Chandru was staged at Rangashankara by Kalagangotri troupe on 11th and 12th of March 2008 as a part of the the 38th year completion of Kalagangotri.

The play “Mukhyamantri” has been translated in Kannada by T.S. Lohitashwa from Hindi written by Ranjit Kapoor and it has been directed by Dr.B.V. Rajaram.

The play is a political intrigue, highlighting the strategies employed by the Chief Minister to win back confidence within 48 hours. The play begins with turmoil in the political circles of Udayanchala state. The Chief Minister Krishna Dwayapayana Kaushal (Mukhyamantri Chandru) loses the confidence of his party, at the end of his five-year term. He is, however, retained as the caretaker Chief Minister for a period of 48 hours, after which voting in the next elections begins. From the start, it is clear that Sudharshan Dubey, the president of the party, plots to overthrow Kaushal and become the next Chief Minister. But not wanting to give up, Kaushal launches a series of well-planned schemes to hold on to power. How he succeeds in his plans and in the process how his personal life is also affected is interesting to watch on stage.

A great performance by Mukhyamantri Chandru is what we have to look out for. He has played the character since 1980 when the play was initially staged and since then it has been staged more than 400 times. No doubt that he proves his mettle as the plotter and winner. He completely and constantly hovers in our mind as well as on stage during the two hour play and we will be left with no words but to appreciate his caliber as an actor. Bhargavi Narayan as the chief-minister’s wife impresses. All the other actors play their role well. Since it is packed with lots of characters, I find it difficult to mention everyone here.

Great adaptation for stage by B V Rajaram. Don’t miss it if you want to know the behind the scenes activities of politics and don’t be surprised if you find the proceedings similar to what is prevalent in present day politics also.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gaalipata - Movie Review

Gaalipata - Flying High!!

I had thought the era of fairy tales was over. But Yograj Bhat has woven a "nice" fairy tale around three friends, their love and a wild boar (???)!!! Yes that’s what the thin story line of Gaalipata is about. It’s a movie with a great concept of weaving these together. And Yograj Bhat does the weaving well and comes up with a nice entertaining fare.

Here goes the storyline… Three rich carefree friends Ganesh (Ganesh), Diganth (Diganth) and Kitty (Rajesh Krishna) have different characters distinctly. They come to a remote Malnad place called Mugilupete to Digant’s grandfather’s house. There they have to stay with Kodandaram (Anantnag) and Padma (Padmaja Rao). They have a widowed daughter-in-law Sowmya (Daisy Bopanna) and two daughters Radha (Nitu) and Pavani (Bhavana Rao). Kodandaram’s legs are paralyzed while hunting a wild boar in the jungle and hence he has the feeling to avenge his loss. The three guys help him in hunting the boar again but in vain only to gain scoldings from Padma and her daughters despite which Ganesh’s will to hunt the boar grows. In due course, Ganesh falls for the always silent Sowmya, Diganth for the ever-scolding Radha and Kitty for the talkative and naughty Pavani. Ganesh somehow brokers the engagement between Digant-Radha and Kitty-Pavani. But when it comes to his love, Sowmya rejects his offer saying she is better off with her memories of her childhood friend and husband who passed away just two hours after their marriage. This breaks down Ganesh and his parents’ (Sudha Belavadi and Rangayana Raghu) efforts to persuade Sowmya to marry Ganesh fails. What happens to Ganesh and his love? Will he get Sowmya or he has to forget her? Watch in the movie for its hurried climax!!!

Storyline is simple and what catches here are the dialogues by Yograj Bhat. They are comic and punching at the right places. All the best dialogues are “reserved” for Ganesh and he delivers well. But alas!! Each and every dialogue and his body language remind us of his Mungaaru Male act. No doubt they evoke lots of laughter, but feel sad that Ganesh hasn’t given anything new in this! Signs of becoming KFI’s SRK?? Huh!! Or is it intentional from the director himself to give the same effect as MM. Not quite clear.

Diganth is just a poster boy here and gives some nice smiles all through. Rajesh Krishnan who is supposed to be the serious guy amongst the three is too serious to notice that he has got nothing to do here. Totally the other two are overshadowed by Ganesh. Daisy looks graceful and performs well too. Nitu has got her share of scoldings in the movie and carries on her proceedings well. Bhavana Rao is good in her act as the playful youngest daughter of Anantnag. Anantnag hams in this movie which is a bit disappointing. Padmaja Rao needs to tone down her voice. She almost blew my ears with her screeches and shouts. Rangayana Raghu impresses as Ganesh’s father.

Rathnavelu has done a great job in capturing the locales well. Kodachadri, Bekal fort and Shivanasamudra are breathtakingly picturized. But the effect of Jog as in MM is missing. No complaints but.

Songs add to the feel of the movie. The title song is shot well. Minchagi Neenu Baralu has got great photography and settings. Aha Ee Bedaru Bombege is good with some nice costumes. Nadhimdheemtana picturized at Kodachadri with Yakshagaana artists is a treat to watch.

Despite these, what does Galipata lack? I feel it lacks a vision. There is no proper justification for the title except for the title song which claims the lives of youngsters to be like a kite-free flying and racing ahead. The climax is a bit of let down. Why was such a situation and location required? The same thing could have happened on road or elsewhere. Is it just to complete a track that Sowmya had lost her husband there? Other thing which irked is the wild boar track! The dialogues and situations are woven around that and make it a hero and also a God towards the end. No doubt Yograj Bhat has given a great entertainer with some good dialogues, photography and music. But he could have extracted something different from Ganesh!

Totally it’s a good timepass entertainer. Watch it if you are a Ganesh and Yograj Bhat fan.
You wont get disappointed for sure :)

Honganasu – Movie Review

Honganasu – A Good Dream

Honganasu is Nenapirali director Rathnaja’s next venture and hence has got its own expectations in the film industry. Here Rathnaja ventures out with a family subject and his favourite star Prem to give a neat movie. And I should say he succeeds at his attempt in conveying his thoughts in a beautiful manner. The storyline is simple and hence he hence needs lots of support from his actors and technical team to put his thoughts to work. He has succeeded in getting that “best” from all of them. As in Nenpirali, Hamsalekha’s music is a major plus point for the movie.

So what is Honganasu about? Its about the dreams of a father (Anantnag) to get his late sister’s daughter Sowmya (Anuradha Mehta) and friend (Ramesh Bhat) as his daughter-in-law for his eldest son, Santhosh (Adarsha). He makes Sagar (Prem), his second son as a part his dreams and Sagar right from his childhood nurtures the dream of seeing Sowmya as his sister-in-law from his childhood and develops a strong bonding towards her. These dreams are prolonged much to the dismay of Anantnag and Sagar since Shilpa, Sagar’s sister is also ready for marriage and doesn’t accept many of the alliances offered to her. The family as usual thinks of getting the daughter married before the marriage of sons. At this point of time one alliance for Shilpa arrives which she accepts much to the surprise of everyone in the family. But the groom’s condition wherein he puts a condition that he would accept Shilpa if Santhosh marries his sister Impana (Anjali) who is studying in a dental college put a big question on the dreams of Anantnag and Sagar. How will Sagar come out of this and how does he make his father’s dream a reality is the rest of the story.

The story being so simple and hence the script is backed up with performances and music. The first half of the movie is quite enjoyable with Sharan’s comedy sequences. I really appreciate this guy’s comic timing sense. He just has to be used properly in movies. Even the comedy track is quite convincing unlike the other movies. The second half is a bit dragging being mostly in flashback wherein Rathnaja tries to depict Sagar’s love for his sister-in-law. Sometimes the sequences make people feel its too much. The length of flashback sequences could be reduced to make it look better. But despite that, the conviction with which Rathnaja handles the climax and the justification given are too apt. The climax arrives too late that’s the major drawback.

Prem as Sagar gives a good performance. He has improved a lot in all domains from his previous movies. Anjali is looks pretty but doesn’t have much to do. Anuradha Mehta acts well in this but she could have been more convincing. Anantnag, Ramesh Bhat and Vinaya Prakash have done their job well. Naveen Krishna supports well in the second half. Sharan is too good in the first half.

Music was the highlight of Rathnaja’s previous movie Nenapirali and here too Hamasalekha’s music adds colors to the movie. Good songs which are already popular have added to the feel of the movie and they arrive at the right time. Lagge Lagge, Chigurodeda, Kandu Konde and the title song are picturized innovatively and are good to watch on screen. Baa Nagu Nannondige comes with the Kerala touch and is impressive. Kuvari Kuvari is ok.

Cinematography is one more plus point for the movie and cinematographer Anant Urs puts his full effort in bringing in front of the beauty of Sahyadri hills, Murdeshwar and Malnad area.

Rathnaja has done a good job in putting this story on to the screen. But I feel he has concentrated more on the second half than on the first half. Romance and Comedy are major highlights in first half but Rathnaja scores in comedy than in romance. The second half is fully a family drama and all the major events take place during this part. Family values, sentimental and thoughtful words add to the effect and Rathnaja convinces with his depiction and justification for the climax. But personally I feel the movie can be trimmed by around 20 mins in the second half with some slick editing.

Now its left to the audience whether they would accept this neat family entertainer with some doubts about the acceptance on the extreme love and possessiveness of a guy towards his sister-in-law. But those doubts would be cleared with the convincing end I believe. On the whole, I feel this movie would also pick up late and by the word of mouth.