Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaaranjji | Audio

Took this up to write after long time!! No other audio in the recent days had pushed me so much to write about.

If we have to go by the music of this album, it surely has a great impact which is quite enough to make the movie rock!!

Kumbaaraki is the song which steals the show. With the unique touch of rock given to the Santa Shishunaala Sharif's composition, this surely will captivate the listeners. The music is truly engrossing but Sukhwinder's pronounciation could have been better when rendering this highlight number of the album. Despite this, the song just rocks in both its versions.

Ninna Hallige in Raghu Dixit's voice is a great number with nice folk touch. Raghavendra Kamath descirbes the village environment and a village girl's simplicity and beauty very well.

Ee Dina Hosadaagide in the voice of Karthik is very soothing with the lyrics by Sateesh Tiptur and the peppy music complementing the romantic morning mood.

T P Kailasam's Kolike Ranga in the voice of Veer Samarth is a treat to listen. Reminds us that TPK's wordings are not forgotten yet in the music world.

Yaaru Haadada in the voice of Hariharan is a slow song with nice guitar usage. The lyrics by Sridhar are very meaningful. I feel this might come out as a background song during some scenes. The only slow song in this album but the guitars and Hariharan fill life into the song.

H S Venkateshmurthy's composition Murida Manada which we had heard only as Bhaavageete is given a rock touch here. And believe me. It Rocks!!!! Vijay Prakash and Apoorva Sridhar render this song beautifully. Hats off to Veer Samarth for this different effort!!

Ee Tampu Gaali sung by Hariharan, Fayaz Khan, Bombay Jayashree and Kushala and lyrics by Raghavendra Kamath is a slow love song. The mix of slow music and Qawwali style of music is quite new to listen here in Kannada and again Veer Samarth carries this on very well.

Nammora Santheli is a nice parody number. Well sung buy Veer Samarth and Sridevi Malegatti.

Sutta Muttalu in the voice of Gurukiran is also good to hear. Rajan Nagendra's music is lively even today and its proven in this song.

Even the miniscule Alaapa, Naadadimpu and Themes leave a big impression about the music filled in the movie.

Totally, its really a treat to listen to this great album!! Grab it... Dont miss it!!

Waiting for the movie now after the audio......


Shrikrishna Bhat M said...

Nice to see a positive review after long time :)

Makes me to listen this album... will update my comments after...

Ranjini Sridhar` said...
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Ranjini Sridhar` said...

Thanks for appreciating Apoorva in 'Murida Marada' and 'Nadadimpu'. She needs all your support and encouragement. Appu's Mom

Chetan said...

Surely we all support Apoorva! She has sung beautifully in this album.
She was just awesome in "Kaanuva Notave" from Savi Savi Nenapu!!

Ranjini Sridhar` said...


Gururaja said...
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Gururaja said...

Nice album..

14 songs.. a treat for me.. best songs from my pick are
Murida Manada (Truely Rocking song)
Kumbaaraki (Though pronounciation mistakes are there)
Rock Band Theme

Hope kannada film industry's glorious golden days are here because of these new talents like Arjun, Anoop Sileen, Abhiman Roy.. and new singers like supriya, and now Apoorva..