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Sadarame@Rangashankara Nov 9th, 2008


Sadarame is one of the most successful productions of Gubbi Veeranna. The story revolves around an innocent middle-class girl, Sadarame who marries Prince Jayaveera. And that’s when all the troubles began for Sadarame. Even as hardships challenge young Sadarame, she overcomes every hurdle with her characteristic intelligence and the play ends on a happy note. The highlight of this Gubbi Company play is actor director B. Jayashree playing the role of Kalla, the thief immortalized by her grandfather, the legendary Gubbi Veeranna.

Written by Bellave Narahari Shastry, the play Sadarame stands out as a window to the world for the problems a woman has to face in present day society. Topical during the days of Gubbi Veeranna, the story fits to even today’s world. Keeping the original act intact, many references to present day happenings and witty comparisions make this a treat to watch. The play and presentation enlightens everyone who has known the world of theatre and also the people who are new the world of theatre and who have seen only modern plays. It portrays the usage of Ranga Geetegalu and the soliloquy situations to a large extent bringing in front of us the mesmerizing world of the theatre of the old days and the techniques they used.

The major highlight of the play was Jayashree enacting the role of the thief. The character’s entry, the act, the song and the witty dialogues were hugely applauded by the packed audience with cries of once more. Next to impress was Dingri Nagaraj as Sadarame’s brother. Many other veterans in the play also performed well. But the youngsters really seemed to ponder a bit about combining the singing and acting portions. The music and the songs used lifted the mood of the play to the real heights.

For many who witnessed the play, it was like remembering and paying tribute the great playwright and the Nataka Company. Also the act coincided with the last day of the Rangashankara Theatre Fest for 2008 (November 9th 2008) which also happens to be Late Shankar Nag’s birthday. B Jayashree dedicated her revival of Sadarame to the great actor Shankarnag, her grandfather Gubbi Veeranna and the maestro Master Hirannaiyah who also has been performing his version of the same play.

Next time you hear about this play being staged somewhere, don’t miss it!! It’s a must watch for all the theatre enthusiasts and also for the people who want to know about the Nataka companies and their act.

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