Thursday, October 6, 2011


The movie was ok ok according to me. Appu was simply superb. Yograj bhat not up to the mark in keeping up the pace of the story. (There's hardly anything happening in the first half... In second half the story moves on with a slow pace).... The climax was exactly what I had anticipated. Cant say it is very emotional but good one. Rangayana Raghu tries hard to pull up mangalore style dialogues but fails at places. Dattanna is wasted in a rather insipid role. Anantnag is good but not very convincing. Avinash is totally mis-cast. Aindrita and Deepa have done a good job.

Yogi sir.... You could have done it better according to me!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lifeuu Ishtene.....

Watched this movie "Lifeu Ishtene" today....

Movie was entertaining... but does not create any impact. Could have been better. Wondering how long the same formula of blaming life people and others will continue to be used....Direction wise it was good. But I felt the film lacked conviction! Also wondering if life is only about falling in love, getting ditched, finding another girl, being lazy, bunking classes, blaming parents.. and even calling them "poli" ..... lotsa such things.... these might sound entertaining at that point of time but what the director wants to say does not linger in the minds of viewer after coming out of the theatre....Wondering how many movies will be made on the same lines and with same kinds of monologues. All these movies sound very similar and finally fail to provide any solid impact. Again its my view only :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year ... New Hopes...

A new year has ushered in with new hopes. Even I have stepped into a different organization now after "literally" burning my hands and what not(!!) at my previous organization. Hope this journey with my new job would be a smooth one unlike all the previous years!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

End of six year ambivalence

After 6 years of ambivalence, have manged to join a different organization. It was one hell of a experience in all the previous 6 years - nothing can match that I believe. Different kinds of people, different mindsets of working, different ethnicity, different language, different opinions and what not different :D But, they surely have come in very handy in shaping up what I am and what I should be doing in the present organization. So, cant really say what I am feeling as of now, but whats in store for me in the coming days is something which I have looked forward to in my past. Being in a big organization and being amongst the processes and the "process oriented people". Though there are lots of differences between being in a product company and a services company, but each in a way can give a huge learning experience.

So, my journey has started... Will keep you updated!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Am Back!!

After a hiatus from blogging for almost an year (last one was on the poor voter turnout during elections :( last year), I am back!! Though there were many things (and ofcourse movies!! :P ) about which I could have blogged, I didnt ... blame my laziness for that :)

Am back now and will surely promise to be regular (hopefully ;-) )

Thanks to Ajay who provoked me or rather confronted and later persuaded me to write something. Also thanks to all the near and dear ones who would be reading this!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Its a Shame!!!

Its a shame!!

"You want change and want improvement in GOVT activities, but you don't want to change yourself..Its not just a loss of your vote, its loss for my vote as well!! Bcoz you didn't vote, and those uneducated people voted for a candidate without thinking" Now spend 5 years to get your next chance to say.. "Govt does nothing"!! just 47 % voting in Bangalore... in spite declaring holiday, time off and once in 5 years opportunity. Am so sad :(

85 % of Bangalore is educated and no one feels responsible???

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birugaali - Review

the movie was just ok.. not great as it was seen in the promos or the songs! the songs only keep up the movie or else its a big let down.

the plot is not convincing enough. dont know what harsha was about to say and show but he has gone completely wrong in the storytelling. neither does the movie stands out to be a good action movie nor a sentimental one. unbaked sentimental scenes and weak screenplay spoil the day for harsha in birugaali

chetan scores in his portrayal of hachchi but he could have been better. while his friends have a somewhat authentic tanned look but he seems to be right out of a spa after all the facials and all quite contradictory for the role he portrays.. tara is good in her performance but that doesnt add to the movie's value. sitara vaidya is just ok but dubbing for has gone wrong. charishma has no karishma :P

forgot to tell about kishore... though his acting is good and a major highlight of the movie, the mannerisms really turned me off. sadashiv brahmavar is wasted in a bit role. greece looked really great in the movie.

unnecessary and silly graphics and poor photography at places made me a bit irritated.

the biggest let down was the climax - it is hardly convincing!!!