Monday, February 9, 2009

Birugaali - Review

the movie was just ok.. not great as it was seen in the promos or the songs! the songs only keep up the movie or else its a big let down.

the plot is not convincing enough. dont know what harsha was about to say and show but he has gone completely wrong in the storytelling. neither does the movie stands out to be a good action movie nor a sentimental one. unbaked sentimental scenes and weak screenplay spoil the day for harsha in birugaali

chetan scores in his portrayal of hachchi but he could have been better. while his friends have a somewhat authentic tanned look but he seems to be right out of a spa after all the facials and all quite contradictory for the role he portrays.. tara is good in her performance but that doesnt add to the movie's value. sitara vaidya is just ok but dubbing for has gone wrong. charishma has no karishma :P

forgot to tell about kishore... though his acting is good and a major highlight of the movie, the mannerisms really turned me off. sadashiv brahmavar is wasted in a bit role. greece looked really great in the movie.

unnecessary and silly graphics and poor photography at places made me a bit irritated.

the biggest let down was the climax - it is hardly convincing!!!

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