Monday, February 9, 2009

Junglee - Review

soap hakkollo tale baachkollo bardedrunu duet haadkollo .....

ticket takkollo film nodokollo sikkapatte tale haal madkollooo :P

this is what i felt about the movie!!

really i pity suri for his desparate attempt to give a hit after duniya and the debacle inti ninna preetiya...and here in junglee he crosses all the limits of sense and sensitivity towards the audience. the story (??) if there is one is hardly new to us and he tries to mix it up with non-stop nonsensical dialogues in the first half of the movie and loads and loads of bloodbath in the second half. Suri has tried hard to cover up the poor story with the intolerably vulgar dialogues, lots of blood and action in the movie.

we love watching vijay in action scenes he does that well no doubts about that but with rangayana raghu here in the first half, he does a mockery of himself trying to be better than rangayana raghu in overacting or over enthusiasm for dialogue delivery (whatever u call it). Though i enjoyed the dirty dialogues at that moment but i felt later that what the hell was it, why was it required etc.,

vijay is good in action and emotions.he imitates tiger prabhakar very well at places. aindrita looks cool n hot, rangayana raghu is as usual loud and irritating at times(but i really appreciate his acting and comedy timing prowess), the songs seem to be out of place in the movie but they are the ones which will give some relief from the so called comedy and the violence.

overall very average movie.

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