Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - my view

Here is what Arindam Choudhry writes about the so-called great masterpiece "Slumdog Millionaire"


and my comments about the same :

Hello Arindam,
I truly agree with your view on Slumdog Millionaire. It portrays India and Indians in a really bad manner. Except for the background score of the movie nothing is great about the movie. The story is a direct lift from some of the 1970s Hindi masala movies. Only thing is they have blended the old story with the craze of Who wants to be a millionaire and cashed in on it.

No doubt slums and slumdwellers are there here in India. Their life is theirs and we know what they go through. Glorifying it in this manner and projecting that slum"dogs" (as they call them in the movie) can be millionaires in this fashion is a cheap act on their part. Some scenes in the movie are too disturbing and they project India and Indians in a really bad way. Espicially the instance wherein a US tourist couple's car is looted and the driver hits Jamaal. The US lady offering some XYZ dollars to Jamaal saying this is what US is! This was utter crappy projection of what outsiders think of us. Also one more instance is the scene wherein the people watch Jamaal answering the questions on TV. They sit on pavements outside the TV shops and watch and cheer. Strange that Mr Director doesnt know the penetration of TV in India.

Totally its a crappy movie and every Indian who feels for his country should oppose it for the way we and our people are projected in it.

I pity Anil Kapoor and Irfan Khan who have been projecting and promoting this movie to be a classic movie despite knowing what they are here.


These are only some instances which came to my mind while commenting on his blog. But there are many more points which came to my mind when I saw the movie which I will share soon.

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