Monday, January 5, 2009

Nanda - Audio

Nanda - Audio

Don’t know what V Manohar is upto. I feel this audio of Shivarjkumar’s Nanda is weak(one more instance was in Gandugali Kumararama) and too outdated. The music is not at all impressive. At times Manohar sounds like he is trying to ape Manomurthy in using tunes of hindi movies of 1960s and 70s.

Chingari chingari in the voice of Vijay Prakash fails to build up the tempo in the beginning itself. Wonder if this song would be picturized on Shivanna. This truly doesn’t suit his image.

Akasha Aagale rendered by Rajesh Krishnan and Nandita is a passable duet with lyrics by Jayant Kaikini. As told already, the music sounds too outdated. Nothing great about the lyrics.

Oh Idenaytu is a patho sung by Keshav Krishna and lyrics by Maheen kicks off well but fails to keep up the momentum later.

Yaava Kadegu is a good duet in the voice of Chinmayee and Akaanksha Baadami with lyrics by V Manohar. Akaanksha is good to hear but Chinmayee croons badly. He truly needs some improvement.

Ninna Kangalalli is one more duet in the voice of Udit Narayan and Akaanksha Baadami and has lyrics by Shivananjegowda. The music again resembles the music from the 70s hindi movies.

Pretty average album as a whole!!

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