Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maadesha - Shivanna's next!! - Audio

Cast : Shivraj Kumar, Sonu Bhatia, Ravi Kaale, Ravi Belegere
Producer : B M Govinda Murthy
Director : Ravi Srivatsa
Music : Mano Murthy

Ravi Srivatsa is back after the debacle of 'Ee Rajeev Gandhi Alla" .... Maadesha and this time he his back with the best he can get - Shivraj Kumar and Mano Murthy.

"Tirugo Ee Bhoomige" sung by Vijay Prakash with lyrics by V Nagendra Prasad and Kaviraj starts off with tune of James Bond theme. The song expresses the heroic acts of the prime character in the movie. Not much in lyrics and very average music.

"Taarammayya" sung by Hemanth and Sunidhi Chauhan and lyrics by V Manohar sounds like an item number with some naughty singing by Sunidhi. Hemanth supports well.

"Munjaane Manjaagu" sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan with lyrics by Kaviraj is a nice peppy duet beautified very well with the guitar music. The lyrics are also very good.

"Maadesha" sung by Gurukiran(???) and lyrics by V Nagendra Prasad. Fast beats, music and different voice of Gurukiran with an underground and mafia world touch make this an interesting song.

"Lahari" sung by Sonu Nigam and lyrics by Jayant Kaikini is a nice song with lyrics telling about the feel of love. Sonu surely needs pronounciation classes if he has to come up clean in his future
Kannada Album.

"Gantu Gantu" sung by Hemanth, Keshav and Srividya and lyrics by Hrudayashiva is a song with folk touch.

"Lahari" again in its female version and who else other than Shreya Ghoshal can take it to the musically best heights. She sounds much much better than Sonu in this version. She gives a neat rendition of this beautifully written number.

A good album overall with the great "Lahari" and "Munjaane Manjaagu"! Quite different from the usual Mano Murthy. Got to see wait and see how the songs would be brought on screen.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think, this movie is going to live up to the expectations of SRK ?