Thursday, July 3, 2008

Taj Mahal - Audio

Taj Mahal
Starring : Ajay, Pooja Gandhi
Music : Abhimann
Director : R. Chandru
Producer : T Shivashankar Reddy

"Khushiyaagide Yeko Ninnindale" sung by Kunal Ganjawala is a melodious number expressing a guy's love for his girl. The lyrics by R Chandru are simple and music suits the mood of the song very well.

"Neenendu Nannavanu" sung by Shreya Ghoshal and lyrics by R Chandru is the best song of the album expressing the girl's longing for her guy. Shreya's beautiful rendition of the song adds a great to its simple yet soothing music.

"Hoovantha Preeti Mullada Mele" sung by Hariharan and Supriya with lyrics by K Kalyan is a song about parted lovers and their longing for being together. Music is good with different flavors probably suiting the visuals.
"Nee Nanna Hrudaya" sung by Rajesh Krishnan and lyrics by Abhimaan is the male version of Neenendu Nannavanu aptly sung by Rajesh. The lyrics are very touching.

"Kolluvudaadare Kondubidu" sung by Badri Prasad and lyrics by Manju Honnavar is a patho song wherein a guy is repenting for his mistake in love. Badri Prasad impresses with his singing.

"Ibbaru Preetina" sung by Abhiman and lyrics by Manjunanth Lava wherein a guy is reminding his girl about the love they had shared. Abhiman's voice is good and he surely has potential to become a good singer cum composer.

"Preeti Annodu" sung by Chetan with lyrics by Lokesh Krishna is a tiny bit about love.

Good album!! The songs and music are soothing and fresh. Good one from Abhimann!!

Khushiyagide video has come out well though it reminds us of the sets of some previous super hit songs.

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Gururaja said...

Music is hummable and very very different. Lyrics adds the flavor. Especially neenendu nannavane is best because the way Shreya Goshal has rendered the song.. really whole album is worth listening.. Thanks for the review Chetan..