Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gaalipata - Audio


Yograj Bhat’s next movie “Gaalipata” with music composed by Harikrishna doesn’t impress much though it has 2-3 hummable songs.

The title track “Aakasha Ishte Yaakidiyo” with Jayant Kaikini’s lyrics and Tippu and Kunal Ganjawala’s vocals is a youthful number with fast pacy music. Both the playback singers infuse life into the song. Quite catchy!

"Minchaagi Neenu Baralu” sung by Sonu Nigam and lyrics by Jayant Kaikini reminds us of “Anisutide”. What impresses is the unconventional lyrics and good rendition by Sonu. The best song of the album I feel.

“Nadhimdhim Tanananaa” sung by Chitra with lyrics by Yograj Bhat is a semi-classical number which leaves a feel good feeling because of Chitra.

“Kavithe” sung by Vijay Prakash and lyrics by Hrudayashiva is a patho song. Too slow and a bit boring to listen.

“Jeeva Kaleva” sung by Sonu Nigam and lyrics by Yograj Bhatt is a slow number depicting the loneliness. Tune of Minchaagi Neenu Baralu…

“Aha Bedaru Bombe” sung by Udit Narayan and Anuradha Sriram and lyrics by Jayant Kaikini is a duet which could have presented better. It starts off well but fails to impress after the second stanza.

On the whole its an average album.


Thanks for all the views and reviews about the review :) I would always take any album without any comparision and expectation. So even Gaalipata I would take without comparision with Mungaaru Male or any other album/music director.

Minchaagi has been picturized well. Its not that great as compared to Anisutide in Mungaaru Male. Keepin Anisutide apart, this song has come out really well with innovative sets on the beach, the fort and on the lush green hills.

Lets wait for other songs. Surely the good team would have added more to the songs visually. All the best to Gaalipata team! I'm sure no other movie in Kannada in the recent times has evoked so much interest and expectations. Hope Yogaraj Bhatt will live up to these expectations of WE- the Kannadigas.


Prashanth said...

I dont agree completely with the above review. Music of both "Manomurthy" and "Harikrishna" (the hottest music directors of Kannada in the recent times) always picks up with time. "Cheluvina chittaara" also was seeming like an average album initially, but later the songs were alltime superhits. Similarly "Krishna" of Harikrishna picked up slowly and now "Neenu banda mele" and "Rock your body baba" are the anthem of Karnataka.

Music of "Gaalipata" is really different. Keep on listening and slowly you will get to know the real power of the songs. I agree there are a couple of songs which seem to be slow, but even Anisuthide was felt like a slow song before the release of "Mungaaru Male". Also the picturisation of songs should be considered.

According to my opinion, the fast pace song "Gaalipata", the lively
duet "Aha bedurubombe", beautiful classic "Nadhimdhimtana" and most
probably the next Anisuthide "Minchagi nee" are the best songs.

So, Finally the success of the audio depends on the picturisation in the movie..

Lets hope for the best!!!!!

dhananjaya said...

Excellent songs in this film, Hats of to Yagoraj Bhat. Excellent and Brilliant Director


Gururaj said...

Nice review chetan.. now waiting for the film to release..

I liked Minchagi Neenu song..

Krishna Prasad said...

Yes.. i agree with what prashanth said. Its a good album altogther.

apara said...

hi friends
I liked the songs. my order is like this.
1 minchagi
2 gaalipata
3 jeeva kaleva
4 kavite
5 nadhim dhimtana
6 bedarubombege

Manu said...

I dont agree completely by Chetan's review. Songs in "gaalipata" are too good. I liked this songs more than Mungaru malle. Chitras voice is amazing in "Nadhimdheem thana".

Vijay Prakash's voice is very sweet in "Kavithae" reminds me of Hariharan.

Overall its a good album. I would rate 4.5/5. Lets hope for a good picturisation, this will definetely add a great finishing to these songs.

dhrusti said...

minchagi ninu baralu is one of the best song i ever heard

dhrusti said...

but other songs or ok but not good as mungaru malae but any way hats off to jayanth kaykini

prashsub said...

Minchagi Neenu... song is superb
love Sonu

prashsub said...

and video is tooooooooooo good

Naresh said...

All songs are nice. Specially Minchagi neenu baralu...Hats off to sonu nigam,Harikrishna,Yograj batt & jayant kaykini. We are waiting for the release of gaalipata

Suni said...

Each and every song catches you slowly...I feel picturisation add flavour to the song and " Minchagi Neenu" picturisation is good..

No doubt about the team.. they would have given their best to the story.. Once again lyrics are superb by Kaikini which has nicely blended with the tune... Waiting for film to get released.

Satyappa said...
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Satyappa said...

Songs of Gaalipata are awesome except one(Aha Beduru Bombe).

1. Title song Akasha Ishte rocks and i enjoyed the music composed by Harikrishna. Lyrics are casual and freak out type, Tippu and Kunal are best.(MY Best Song of the Movie)
2. Jeeva Kaleva sung by Sonu has good lyrics and slow song but good one.
3. Kavithe sung by vijay prakash is superb and music and tune are well composed for this song.
4. Minchage Neenu sung by Sonu again is melodious and simply awesome. Musis, lyrics and tune are well balanced for this song.
5. Nadhimdhim Tanana sung by Chitra is good song and is the blend of Carnatic and Yakshagana Music and lyrics are beautiful.

Music composed by Harikrishna is simply superb and not to be compared with Mano Murthy.

Music in Kannada film Industry is shaping new dimension as no copies and remakes from others.

Hats off to YogRaj Bhat who is changing the Kannada Film Industry with Original story line, Music, finiest Lyrics and good Cinematography.

Prashanth said...

I agree with what satyappa said. But I dont agree that "Aha bedurubombe" song is not good.

In fact it is the only lively duet in the album which leaves on you a happy mood after listening.

Just listen to the starting beats of the song, which Iam sure that all will love to listen.

Aha bedurubombe - one of the most lovely song in the Gaalipata album.


Congratulations to the best music director Harikrishna.

kishor said...

Thanks for yogaraj bhatt,jayanth and Harikrishan for giving new anthem for 2008 in the form of 'Minchagi neenu baralu".

One thing what i felt is Bhatt should have let harikrishna to follow his style, you can see yogaraj bhatt's influence in each and every song, except the title song, which is truly in Hari krishna's style.

Naveen said...

Title song is running on my system 24/7 from 10 days !!!

nice review maga.

sujith said...

I completely agree with prakash. The songs 'jeeva kaleva' and 'minchagi neenu'are really exxxelent.. thanks to yograj butt, jayanth kaykini & hari krishna

Gowrishankar M said...

This is really a directors Movie, Hats of to Jayanth Kaikini who changed film lyric of recent days, and Ganesh is electric.

shashidhar M said...

Friends, don't compare Gaalipata & Mungarumale. Each of them are different & has different fragrance. It is like comparing Gulaabi & Mallige. I am sure every kannadiga loves both these flowers. So, let us enjoy each of these movies with their fragrance. Comparisons kills the fragrance. Support Kannada movies.

All the best for Kannada Film Industry.

Matter said...

Watch the movie guys. Yogaraj Bhat doesn't let you down. Don't go watch the movie and compare it with Mungaaru Male. Go and enjoy the movie. The lyrics for all the songs are meaningful in the context of the movie. You'll like all of them once you watch the movie.

dhananjaya said...

Really superb Movie, each comic dialog and each nautral scene will make you want to see the film by 100 times.

Chandrashekhar.B.T said...
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Chandrashekhar.B.T said...
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Chandrashekhar.B.T said...


Movie is too good. I have enjoyed lot. I felt some thing different/new experience after watching this movie. I didn't feel like a watching movie. It was like a experience bcz dialogs are more natural. I liked as usual Ganesh acting and superb dialog delivery but I liked very much Diganth's innocent acting. hats off Diganth. . Neeth's acting. Really their chemistry wonderful. and Neeth's mother role also very cute. Song's are sssssuperb... Cinematography is beautiful. Definelty Gaalipata flies higher than Mungarumale. If you want enjoy this movie. Don't compare with Mungaru male. See with different angle. You feel how ' Gaalipata' will take you new to world. 'Bhatru'will not disappoint you. Bhatre hats off to you. You are very genuine director. Finally HariKrishna Where were you till days.After listening to your music I could not sleep properly. Your music disturbed me a lot. You and Kaykini are great gift to Kannada film industry

Rudru said...

Thanks to Bhat for Giving one more fantastic movie. You have not disappointed us. The movie is simply great. The songs are too good.
Who will say Kannada movies are average after watching this movie?
Thanks for Jayant and Hrudayashiva and the Harikrishna for giving beautiful melodies. Overall its a great turn for Kannada Film Industry.

DeeJee said...

Nice review. It takes some time for you to start loving the music. After that, you will get lost int he music.

I also didnt like the music much initially. Kavithe has become my favourite song.
Movie is awesome
Hats of to the whole Galipata team.

Prashanth said...

That's what I said (Look at my reply to the Chetan's review). Music of Both Harikrishna and Manomurthy always picks up with time. I dont know why still the people decide in hurry and say that the music is not good.

Now all of them would be repenting:)

rashmi s said...

I really liked the movie very much more than mungaru male, scenery, songs, concept, story, nature everything is superb in this movie.
Must watch movie for all.

Swetha said...

Gaalipata songs are toooo good...

I liked Nadheemdhimtana very much.. The background is too good.. very colorful. Choreography is bombat :D!!!! I loved it.. Mixture of Yakshagana has brought real beauty to this song..

Title song is full of energy... we just feel like jump and dance to the steps of the music..

Kavithe, songs is melodious... wow.. What a lyrics!!!!...

Minchagi is beauty at its best :D!!! The sun set, the beach.. abbabba.... wonderful :D!!

Aha ee bedarubombe song is also very nice.. neetu and digi's duo is very nice..

Overall.. Bhat sir has given a real master piece...

A big round of applause to Yograj Bhat :D!

TM said...

Songs are toooooooooooo gud
All the songs. Naa deem

TM said...

dhrusti dont compare to mungaru male ok

Nitish said...

it is awesome movie and it is a must watch movie fot all. the song aakasha iste yakideyo is superb and sensational and brings cheer to eveyone and the this song is sexy.

gaalipatafans said...

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Nickname unavailable said...

I am very happy that we are getting very good songs and even the lyrics of the latest kannada songs thanks and hats off to all the team in getting the best kannada melodious song and one more special hats off to Sonu Nigam for the way he has sung the song with feelings superb work team keep up the good work,
Every one have their favourite song from this movie I like the Jeeva kaleva most the lysrics are touching " Nalkku padada kavitheyalli midithagallannu bannisabahudde, muru swarada hadinalli hrudayavannu harbidabahudde" super enjoy hearing