Monday, January 29, 2007

Arrasu - The Mass(ive) Entertainer

Much has already been told about the storyline of ARRASU(double R!! yeah :-o numerology may be smile ) already in the posts so wouldnt like to touch upon that again. Would like to put forward my views about the movie here.

The movie has got a very thin storyline and hence fully banks upon the performances of Puneeth which he carries on well with his good acting. He truly is a the power star as he is called. He gives powerful performances in emotions, comedy, dance and action. Espicially the action sequences have been so effective show his stuntmanship. Good work Puneeth. Expressing emotions with the right facial expressions and body language I think he has learnt a lot from his father. He does it well. He typically reminded me of Annavru when he starts a dialogue with By the By. smile He still can do a better job in speaking pure kannada well. Totally this is a tailor made movie to show off his talent in all respects.

About the heroines, its Meera who catches our mind the most better than Ramya. Meera is bubbly and lively throughout the movie and hence she appealed to me the most throughout the movie. Rather strange that Ramya has done a subtle role in this. Shes known for her lively roles but we dont get to watch her in that avataar here. What we get to see her is as a responsible and thoughtful girl. But its completely Puneeth's movie where he comes way ahead than his arasis. smile

Despite his little role, veteran Srinivas Murthy impresses as Ramya's father and Arasu's Manager. We truly get a nice dose of laugther whenever we see Komal Kumar on the screen whose sense of humour and timing seems to improve with every movie he does. Aadi Lokesh in a bit role as villian is okay.

The songs of the movie are not that catchy and have tamilish touch. Joshua Sridhar tries to recreate kismat se tum humko mile ho from Rahman created Pukar. Baaro Baaro sung by Puneeth is good. Rest are just ok.

Action sequences are well executed and stunts are good. Songs have been picturized by Ramesh Babu too well at various exotic locales abroad.

The film actually has got a thin story line and some scenes in the second half tend to be repetitive ... may be to create a helplessness or confused state of mind for Arasu(and viewer ofcourse) Thats where the screenplay could have been more tighter. Actually I got the feeling that why same things are being shown again and again and wat are they trying to prove. But these things are overcome with a surprising climax. Thats where Mahesh Babu, the director has scored well.

Totally I feel its a masala family entertainer with lots of power from the power star.

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Rajesh said...

I didn't liked the climax of this film. Even story, songs are lifted from Hindi, Tamil movies. Puneet should consider doing only original films. Not remakes.